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Duck Hair Clip

Duck Hair Clip

The little girl you love has things to do and places to go! Her locks are sure to stay in place with this adorable duck hair clip. Go on and complete her everyday look with an accessory that’s guaranteed to make her smile.

It’s the perfect hairpiece to pair with those ensembles reserved for weekend play dates, gal pal hangouts and busy school days. Secure her soft wispy strands in style with a clip as sweet as this one. Wherever she travels she will be cute as a button with this in her bouncy ponytail or detailed braid.

Using seven pieces of yellow, white and orange fabric along with an adorable pair of wiggle eyes, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to complete this precious hair accessory. Resting on top of an alligator clip, we’ll show you exactly how to loop and fold the ribbons to make a cute duck face and a beak to go with it. Secure it all with a bit of glue, needle and thread and let her wear it out with her next ensemble. This duck even sports her own pink polka dot bow-tie bow!

When you use our instructional course, you’ll be creating boutique-quality clips before you know it. Toss aside those complex craft techniques that leave you feeling frustrated. We’ve made our methods simple enough for everyone to learn how to make sweet hair accessories in the comfort of their home. Using hundreds of gorgeously illustrated photos alongside our easy-to-understand directions, we’ll guide you through the process. Just choose a pace that’s comfortable for you and you’ll be making hairpieces she will love wearing with every outfit!

Anyone who takes a look at our helpful videos and informative e-book will feel confident creating dazzling hairpieces. She’s guaranteed to feel special when you show her this fun duck clip you made just for her.

Learn the secrets to making beautiful hair accessories and tame her tresses in style. Order our essential course and find out how to re-create this creative duck clip and others like for the little girl with a big love for animals.

Duck Hair Clip Instructions

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