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Hair Bow Instructions

Hair bows have been around for a very long time. They started out as a simple clip style bow, and the main purpose for wearing a hair bow was to keep the hair out of a girl’s eyes. The bows were designed small and plain, and there were very few choices in colors. Today, these hair bows have changed, and people are wearing them in bolder colors and larger sizes. Fancy bows and decorative styles are also available now for women and girls to accessorize their hair to match any outfit.

The traditional hair clips of earlier days have now been adorned with bows to become a popular hair fashion accessory. Some fashions go out of style, but hair bows are still in style with many colors, styles and sizes. The hair bow has become more than just a clip to keep the hair out of a girl’s face. It has become a classic look to accentuate the hair with ribbons or bows attached to the clip. The hair bows are making a statement about the ones wearing them. A customized hair bow can be made to express a person’s personality, and it can be made to show off a particular hairstyle. Hair bow instructions are available for any style of hair bow to meet the needs of anyone.

The clips mentioned in the instructions are available in several different shapes and styles. Hair bow instructions will explain about the different choices available for making hair bows. Some clip shapes available may be square, round or triangle, and some styles of clips will work better for thin hair while other styles will do better for thick hair. The hair bow instructions will give detailed steps on using each clip for making a certain style of hair bow. Either shape or style of clip will work for a hair bow since all the shapes and styles will be used the same way to adorn the hair. The clip can come in small, medium and large sizes to make different size hair bows. The size will determine what adornments can be used on the clip. A hair bow clip according to the instructions is just an ordinary clip until it is adorned or decorated with a bow or ribbon.

Hair bow instructions will have a list of items to suggest ways that someone can embellish a clip to make the perfect hair bow. It will suggest colors of ribbons like yellow, blue, pink, green and maybe even purple. The instructions might even suggest using polka dot ribbons or another pattern such as gingham or plaid ribbons. Other styles of ribbons can be added to a hair bow clip such as patterns with hearts or stars, and these would be great to use in a small girl’s hair. They may also include some designs for older girls or teenagers such as ribbons decorated with rock bands or leopard prints. These instructions will include so many ideas to make any girl or woman happy with a new hair bow designed especially for them.

Hair bow instructions will give a person some ideas on ways to wear the hair bows. The small ribbon styles can be used for little girls and worn on both sides of the head. Bigger hair bows with big ribbons can be added to a ponytail. Dressier hair bows can be worn for special events like weddings. Some hair bow instructions will even teach someone how to make a hair bow to wear with a costume. Another popular style that can be found in the hair bow instructions is hair bows with a flower attached to the bow. This style can be worn by any age for a great look.

It is easy to make a hair bow when someone has the proper instructions to follow. The first step will be to obtain the materials to make a hair bow. The hair bow instructions will help someone decide what items are needed for a certain style of bow. For example, the list could include ribbons, clips, measuring tape, flowers, scissors and hot glue gun. The next step would be to decide what size hair bow is desired. Then, choose the ribbon and adornments to include on the hair bow. Ribbons come in different fabrics, and some are easier to work with than others are. Grosgrain ribbon is a good choice for a beginner since it is popular and easy to use. Choosing the clip style or size is the next step to having a new hair bow.

Follow the instructions to cut the ribbon the size suitable for the clip that was chosen. The instructions will explain how to fold the ribbon to make loops for a bow. It will then instruct someone in wrapping wire, dental floss, thread or even fishing line around the ribbon to make a bow. The choice of what to wrap the ribbon with is an individual preference. However, the floral wire is more durable, and it will not melt when glued to the clip. To finish the bow, follow the directions for that particular hair bow. Some bows can be attached with the wire and secured with hot glue. Once the hair bow instructions have been followed to complete a beautiful hair bow, it will be time to try it out in someone’s fabulous hair.

Hair bows enhance a hairstyle, and they are popular accessories for babies, little girls, teens and adults. Hair bows can be made with a single or multiple loops with hair bow instructions. A single bow is a simple hair bow made with two loops of ribbon, and a multiple loop hair bow is fancier. The multiple loop bows will consist of several layers of loops secured with a wire to attach to the clip. A baby’s hair bow can be attached to a lacy headband. Sometimes a baby hair bow will have ribbon and flowers to make it extra special for a new baby.

Parents love to dress up little girls and put fancy hair bows in their hair. When someone takes the time to create a special hair bow for a little girl with proper hair bow instructions, it becomes a cherished gift. Since hair bows are so easy to make, the gift of hair bows for all the little girls and big girls in someone’s life becomes a gift that can be created with a personal touch of love.

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