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Boutique Bow

Boutique Bow

The little one you love is a mover and a shaker! She’s got places to go and people to see. Let her scamper about wearing this cute boutique bow in her hair while she plays.

Just pop this hair bow in and she’s off to new adventures! It’s the perfect accessory for all those play dates and tea parties. Whether she’s on the playground running happily, making masterpieces with sidewalk chalk or hanging out at home with the family, this boutique bow will hold her soft locks in place. Let her jump rope and play hopscotch while this hair accessory keeps her hair off her face during those fun-filled afternoons.

Pair this boutique bow with a casual outfit or a dressy one. Whatever look she’s wearing at the moment, she’s sure to glide through the day in style with this precious hair accessory. Watch her confidently pose for a picture when your camera comes out. It’s easy to re-create a bow like this one when you know exactly what to do. We’ll tell you what materials you’ll need and what steps you need to take to make a boutique bow that will make her feel pretty as a princess!

When you use our step-by-step instructional course, you’ll learn how to make hair bows that your little one will love to wear everywhere. With our clear tips you will be making a box of new hair bows for her in no time! Leave behind those difficult directions and intricate instructions. Follow along with our videos and apply our helpful tips so you can style the sweetie who deserves to look fashionable wherever she goes.

Tame her tresses in style with an accessory that can go with every ensemble. Order our instructional course and find out how to re-create this boutique bow and others like it for the precious one you cherish.

Boutique Bow Instructions

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